Special Offerings from Pendleton's Pens

Buy 2 Customized Benu Pens - Save $79 - Labor Day Sale through Sept. 12!


Happy Labor Day to all  who labor! 


September has delivered a sweet touch of chill in the air.  

Makes me think of what might warm the cockles of the heart in the forthcoming fall. 


Vodka & Caviar make a lovely coupling and inspired me to offer the two delectable pens below as a pair; both for you or one for you and a cozy companion!

Buy these (or perhaps any other two modified Benu Euphorias fromhis current stock) with Pendleton's GoodBoy with Angelwings Nib :  2 for $299!  A $79 dollar savings!  (Regular price $189 each). You can specify in the NOTES section on your order what size nib you want for each pen - Fine, Medium or Broad.

Just for a fun upgrade, you also have the option to choose Pendleton's BadBoy with Angelwings Nib for an additional $10 for each nib.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Pendleton at pb@pendletonspens.com

The angelic GoodBoy  is the younger sibling of the naughty BadBoy - Yowza!

Brushed steel is more serenely radical than its older bro. 


What our Clients are saying about Pendleton's GoodBoy Nib  -


“Hi Pendleton - OMG… THIS IS CRAZY!!! YOOWZA!
I need to spend time with this Good Boy!!! It’s so interesting to write with!!

Thank you thank you thank you!!!
Might need a Bad Boy for my other now…"
Warm regards.


"If you asked me to give me back the nib you would have to pry it from my cold dead hands”



We hope to hear from you too!