Fountain Pen Gift Sets & Notebooks from LAMY

Super Classy, Functional and FUN! from German penmaker, LAMY ~  Gift Sets for the Holidays and beyond. Check out some of these Special Edition colors! Some of the sets come with smartly matched bottled inks and converters as well as cartridges. Simply insert the converter (the red item you see in the box) and fill it from the bottled ink. It's a high-toned designed bottle too. Or insert a cartridge of Lamy's own custom color ink. These pens were specifically created by world class pen designers to enhance the experience of writing for all ages.  A pen is a treasure that can last a lifetime...and even be passed to future generations. All sets come in sturdy Lamy gift boxes and shipping is free by USPS first class domestic. Limited quantities ~ Boundless enjoyment!


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