Affordable Platinum Conductor’s Pens! 
Know to the bourgeoisie as “desk pen” I find these work very well as armchair conductor’s batons. Just put on your favorite symphony, pour yourself another glass of Cabernet and feel the power of the 72 piece Orchestra as they respond to your every nuance. (suggestion: Rhapsody In Blue!)
Or you can always enjoy writing with it. I have taken the measure of Pendletuning these nifty scrollers for sweet smoothness and lovely flow.  Too fine to modify. 
Either way be sure to take a bow and hear the applause when after the final note. 
This light weight long~writer comes with clip cap(!) in a burgundy or black, and a high quality Platinum cartridge that you can refill with your own ink choice!
$15 sale  (without holder)
$45 sale  ( pen + holder)

Affordable Platinum Conductor’s Pens

$29.00 Regular Price
$15.00Sale Price