This amazing Parker is not for everyone; for these three reasons:

it is an 0.8 mm 15 degree left oblique ( “left foot” oblique as my mentor Sir Richard Binder would say). 
if you are looking for “mint condition”, although the uncommon coin silver Blue Diamond cap is quite minty, the Cedar Blue body has character. Still has the imprint: PARKER “51”  MADE IN USA (T6 with one dot, so made for the Christmas crowd of 1946. “T” supposedly stays fo Toronto… was Toronto in the USA in 1946. Hmmm... I don’t think so.
and C:
Dang … I forget what why else it’s not for every one. Maybe because I made it for myself and it has been in my stable for a few years (in this century as I recall).
Beyond these reasons to not buy this cool rarity, there are a thousand reasons you might deeply desire to own it.
#1: It is a fun and amazing writer, with restored filling system, super cool uncommon coin silver cap, and it has my unique oblique BLS modification and a touch of added flex! That’s pretty darn rare on this icon of the mid 21st century since I have only done about a dozen of them over the years. It’ also my favorite color in the Parker  “51” Vac array.
Oh, that's more than one. Let me know if you need more. “) 
Someone special is going to love this fun, comfortable writer. You?

Cedar Blue Parker “51” ~ 15° oblique BLS with a touch~o~flex!

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