Once in while a pen with genuine seasoned character as well as pure vintage panache and will cross my desk. This wonderful Conway Stewart “Le Tigre" 120 with it’s unknown history of adventures past, hold such fascination.
Then I have to decide to hold on to it or send it on to another appreciator of exceptional writers. I confess I have held it close for nearly a year before deciding that it deserved more attention from the right writer. One hundred “favorite” pens in my stable is admittedly ridiculous. And so; I am happy to let it go.
With greater girth than your average scribbler, and 14K intended flex, this mature tiger has much yet to express. It may not have the outward shine of Shere Khan, but if you have less concern for pristine patina than having an exciting writer, Le Tigre in your hand, then perhaps you are the one to ….hold that Tiger!
Lever filler with new sac, hold a half novellas worth of ink!


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Conway Stewart "Le Tigre" 120

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