This classic Lamy 2000  German piston filler is the icon of the Lamy line. No other pen in the fabled Lamy stable has spanned the test of time (since the 1960s) and transcended the test of styling and durability to become a true classic. 

Available with M, B, or BB modified Nib.


Made simply and beautifully of makrolon polycarbonate and brushed steel, with 14 K gold rhodium plated nib, one of the best candidates for my signature BLS modification and added Flex
 In my experience, if you want an amazing writing instrument with a nib that enhances your penmanship to a thrilling degree, you will not find a better one than the Lamy 2000 with elegant BLS panache and Flex at any price.

Lamy 2000 with signature BLS and Flex modification

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