The perfect pen to enjoy with a good glass of red!  
I guess Bourgogne (pardon my French) holds a little more  romantic intrigue than Burgundy (the English translation). I would have called it Cabernet! 
But whether you're a spy scribbling a secret coded message in a low lit corner of Le Gare du Nord, or enjoying one of Napa Valley’s finest on a deck overlooking the coast at Big Sur, this pen is an excellent match with a glass of deep oaky red. 
The 0.9mm (Japanese Broad) 14K gold is firm yet brings out the best in my elegant BLS mod. Yowza! No extra charge to reduce width to 0.8mm -0.7mm. Let the elegant lines captivate you!
The "Slip & Seal" innovative cap design in this #3776 Century model is said to prevent the ink from drying out for up to 24 months. Hmph! I won’t likely wait that long to enjoy it with my next glass.
Converter and cartridge included. You’ll have to get your own vino (pardon my Italian).

Platinum 3776 14K Century - Bourgogne/Gold