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Limited to 2000 pieces worldwide


An ecstatic product by the Platinum 3776 Fountain Pen in the Shape of Heart!

With Pendleton's Elegant 'BLS' - Butter Line Stub-Italic Modification  ~  M Size Nib


Platinum has always had a heart-shaped breather hole in their nibs, which they have used the heart-shaped cut out to be melted down and put back into making more nibs.

With the "Shape of Heart" #3776, they use two of the stamped-out gold hearts and incorporate them into the gorgeous finial adorned with sparkling crystals.

The pen will come with a special box that comes with a bottle of Aurora Blue 20 ml bottle of ink, a converter, and one blue-black ink cartridge. 


Only 2 left...


Platinum 3776 - Shape of Heart - Limited Edition MODIFIED

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$399.00Sale Price