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The thrill of exciting writing is here for you with
fabulous fountain pens and nibs that feature my
custom nib modifications and upgrades!

          • The elegant
ButterLine Stub~Italic (a.k.a., BLS ~ my signature nib).
          • A touch of Easy Writer Falcon Flex to give stainless steel a 14K Midas touch.

          • The extreme
BadBoy with Angel Wings Flex (click here for photos).

And yes, the
custom nib work on all gold and steel nibs, bent nibs, width reduction and oblique modifications are all here for you.

Be inspired by the
Reviews from well pleased clients Here.
It gives me great joy to maximize your writing pleasure! To transform the so-so nib to the so amazing... and have your penmanship experience soar!

Thank you for your visit ~ feel free to
email me for assistance.


PO Box 505, Cumming, GA  30028



with sister studios in

Dunedin, FL

and Santa Fe, NM



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