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Welcome to Pendleton’s Pens!

In his ongoing "nib-meistering", Pendleton is focusing solely

on providing his signature "BLS", Butter Line Stub-Italic modifications.

The thrill of exciting writing is here for you with fabulous fountain pens

and nibs that feature my custom nib modification!


The elegant ButterLine Stub~Italic (a.k.a., BLS ~ my signature nib).

Picture of a fountain pen nib that has been modifed for line variation, like calligraphy

New & Featured

Pendleton is focusing solely on providing his signature "BLS", Butter Line Stub-Italic modifications along with optional added Flex for his nib work.


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for 2024

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Here's a note and video from Pendleton about why his nib modifications are so popular and immediately enhance your writing experience whether novice or expert ~

Most fountain pens have tips resembling a rounded “blob”. They are normally smooth and  allow quick strokes but the lines you make when you write, look much like that of a ball point.

My Elegant Butter Line Stub ~ Italic modification sculpts your rounded “blob” tip into a cursive Italic tip without the sharp corners, allowing you to write normally with exquisite results!

The horizontal side strokes are lacey and thin while the vertical down strokes are more lush and wider. The broader the tip, the more variation the lines will have. This line variation adds a thrill to your every-day writing! ...An attractive elegance that makes handwriting wonderfully fun!

Down with the “blob”!

And that’s the thick and the thin of it from Pendleton’s Pens...

Contains Descriptive Audio

And yes, the custom nib work on all gold and steel nibs, bent nibs, width reduction and oblique modifications are all here for you.

Be inspired by the
Reviews from well pleased clients Here.
It gives me great joy to maximize your writing pleasure! To transform a so-so nib to a so amazing... and have your penmanship experience soar!

Thank you for your visit ~ feel free to
email me for assistance.

Pendleton ~ Be BLS'd 
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