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This Is Us

Who Is the Nibsta'?

About Pendleton Brown

After a couple decades of show biz in NY &  LA, and a couple decades in full time ministry, I’m a little more than halfway into my third career as a nibster. My vision for the hereafter is to be a nibster for saints and angels and cloud hopping on a

heavenly Harley. 


My mission at this time is to give your nibs dramatic flair, making them sing and dance in your hand, thus evoking praise!

 “Wow!”, “Yowza!”,  “Yippee!“, “Holy Toledo!”

(and a few others I shouldn’t mention) are all exclamations you will be prompted to sing as  you scribble whilst being BLS’d. 


                                         Yowza baby!


As a Master Calligrapher in Beverly Hills, I've celebrated many special ocassions with clients, through penning their invitations and joyful sentiments.


As a Web Designer and Developer for a boutique studio in Santa Fe, NM for decades, I've served many people in bringing their original thoughts and creations to the world.

What I've learned, as I've joined my brother, Pendleton, in the "fountain pen world",  is that this is a passion most wonderfully shared.  Hope to see you soon!

Nancy Brown, Pendleton's sister

Nancy Brown - the Nibsta's Sista'

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