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Modified Fountain Pens for Sale

Mr. Brown,


I received the pen today and I put the nib to paper. Wow!  Admittedly I am an absolute novice in using a fountain pen but this nib feels like a butter knife through a tender filet mignon.  I look forward to many hours of writing pleasure with it. Thank you and happy holidays. 

- DC


"Hello, I received the Twisbi VAC 700R in Iris with the medium BLS nib with Falcon Flex as a birthday gift from my better half, April.  I could not be more pleased with your nib modification and I am so excited about this pen that I just had to contact you. 


This nib is everything I want and more. The elegant thinness of the fine lines coupled with the broadest lines makes my handwriting look amazing. The nib is smooth and buttery to write with and lays down just the right amount of ink. The flex in the nib is enough to create line variation, but not so much as to induce railroading at any writing speed. Wonderful!


Thank you for taking up nib work, as it is becoming a lost art. This 700R is now a daily writer in my small stable of fountain pens."





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