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Modified Fountain Pens for Sale

I have just begun to experiment with my new Twibi 700vac. The results are a real delight. The letters and sentences have such flare, not in a gauche way but in a subtle intriguing manner. I have been content with stub nibs but the exposure to your BLS is transformative. My writing seems to be more lively.
I will have to cast a questioning glance at my other pens who whisper about being released from their bondage!
Many thanks for your expertise and skill.


G ~


Mr. Brown,


I received the pen today and I put the nib to paper. Wow!  Admittedly I am an absolute novice in using a fountain pen but this nib feels like a butter knife through a tender filet mignon.  I look forward to many hours of writing pleasure with it. Thank you and happy holidays. 

- DC

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