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This new TWSBI Iceberg prompts a memory in  me of perching atop an iceberg the size of a Volkswagen that had been hoisted onto the top deck of a small cruise ship ; absorbing the glorious atmosphere of Glacier Bay AK.;  popping the cork off a bottle of Moet and Chandon and gazing amazingly into the bed of  blue ice, said to be ancient, frozen and bold beneath a river of glacier that met the waters edge.
Afterward watching the sunset and waited for a "green flash" as the sun met the North Pacific waters; all proceeded a magnificent display of the aurora borealis. Nice new pen.

Very limited quantity; F, M, or B; each equipped with my signature BLS plus "Angel Wing Flex".

$159 each

TWSBI Diamond 580ALR Iceberg Blue w/BLS + Flex

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